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For Sale: Pet Rock Ideas (Original Pet Shop Style) A Funny Friendly Present - $13

Website address is www.thepetrockthrowback.webstarts.com/ On Ebay or Amazon ... Pet rock for sale. ... The 70's are back in fashion, music, style, collectibles, and rocks for pets. The Pet Rock is a whimsical cornerstone of that revival. Forget the hassles of a dog or a cat. Own the only mineral proven to make you feel loved. Also, Check out the Christmas pet rock! For a great stocking stuffer or gag gift, pick up a few Pet Rocks today. BUY NOW ! PAYPAL SAFE! Pet Rock Throwback $4.95+ Shipping Meta tags:Top Christmas Gifts 2011 for Mom or Boyfriend - Official Pet Rock Throwback gifts, holiday gifts ,gift ideas, shop for Birthday gifts, gifts, baby gift, Best gift ideas, best gifts,boys gift,cool gifts, gift ideas, gifts for her, gifts for him, girls gift, shopping, toddler gift, top gifts, toys, xmas.

For Sale: iPhone 5 Unlocked 16GB Black with original packaging and OtterBox Defender - $310

Like NEW iPhone 5 Unlocked 16GB Black with original packaging and OtterBox Defender. iPhone 5 16GB in almost perfect condition. Since the phone was bought, it has been in the OtterBox Defender. Never taken out. No marks or wear and tear. Power/Lock button (up top) needs attention sometimes. Original box packaging INCLUDED also! Unlocked!

For Sale: SECURITY doors, windows, a/c anti-theft caages, gates; trailers - $

Custom built security doors, windows, gates, a/c cages (residential and commercial); custom built trailers; dog kennels; benches. Mobile welding...we come to you! Call Andrew at 404-963-4000 or e-mail XXX@XXX

For Sale: Custom Built New Loft Beds for All Ages - $250

Wood Loft Bed Designs for All Ages. Custom built on site. Mattress not included. Twin prices start at $250.00. Product can be built within 2 weeks from start based on your custom design needs.

For Sale: Male/Female Mannequins - $70

Former Retail Business Owner: You are getting two for the price. Male & Female Retail Mannequins. Female is in excellent shape; extend stand as needed. No visible scratches or dents. Male has visible flaws as indicated in photos (top, duck tape under left chest area); stand is broke; use duck tape to hold in place. Suggest to keep height AS IS. With clothing no one will notice flaws. Otherwise, in great condition. Both come with base. Great weight; not cheap material. CASH ONLY!!! Must Meet in Marietta (Cobb Pkwy/Windy Hill)

For Sale: 100% Virgin Remy Body Wave Hair Extensions for Sale - $86

Indulge yourself in our Natural Straight virgin 100% human hair weave extensions! There are so many reasons to love our 100% remy human hair weave, it is versatile, it is classy and we all know waves all simply a classic style that never goes out of fashion. Hair Type: 100% Virgin Remy Human Hair Each pack weights 3.5 ounces (100 grams). Order online today http://www.healthyhairbysierra.com/VirginRemyStraighthair.html Hair Color: Available in natural color which looks like a mix of 1b (off black color) and # 2 (dark brown color). It blends in very easily with multiple colors and can be easily dyed to match your own hair color! Length: Available in 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28 inches. Can Be Curled or Flat Ironed: Yes.

For Sale: Remove Pet Stains From Carpet & Upholstery - $42

While pet stains can be frustrating, what can be even more frustrating is trying to find a cleaner that really removes those types of stains. Pet stores are lined with overpriced cleaners targeted specifically at removing pet stains. There are a number of household cleaners that make the claim they can remove spots or clean carpets. Unfortunately, many of these cleaners do more harm then good. In the photo example, a Berber carpet had been stained with cat urine as well as stains from dye in pet food after cats had regurgitated. Traditional, and very well known household cleaners were used to try to remove the stains. Generally, these cleaners were in a spray form. Because of this, they actually did not get down into the pad to remove the stains. While they did manage to lift some of the surface stains, the problem they came was from the stains that THEY left behind. Every spot that was cleaned remained worse.

For Sale: Remove Pet Stains & Odors - $21.75

Cats and dogs make great pets, but they can also make even bigger messes. Pet urine stains and smells can destroy fabrics and furniture. There are several cleaners to remove stains and odors, but everyone who owns a pet know they don't always work. The key to removing pet stains and smells is to break the bond of the stain. Once the bond of the stain is broken, it can be lifted from the surface. Only by breaking the bond of the stain will you remove both the actual stain and the smell. If you do not do this, you are just masking it. 1. Clean stained area (furniture, carpet or rug) of any loose debris. 2. In a bucket, mix 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts warm water 3. Using a sponge, absorb the mixture of Genesis 950 and water 4. Squeeze excess mixture out of the sponge 5. With the sponge, wipe down any stained or dirtied area of the furniture, carpet or rug - do not wipe in a scrubbing manner, just gently wipe and let moisture from sponge absorb into the stain

For Sale: Carpet Cleaner & Pet Stain Remover - $21.75

Carpet stains not coming out? Are pets making a mess of your carpet? Whether it be stains or odors in your carpet, Genesis 950 is the perfect cleaner to restore your carpets. Make them look and smell professionally cleaned for a fraction of what it costs to hire a professional. Genesis 950 is a surfactant based cleaner. It comes in concentrate form and works when mixed with water to actually break the bonds of stains and lift them from the surface. Not only does it clean, it also deodorizes. Many cleaners can mask a smell for a few days, but Genesis 950 actually eliminates odors. If you have ever had an issue with pet smells lingering, this is the cleaner you have been waiting for. Eliminate those smells once and for all. Don't just hide them. One of the reasons Genesis 950 is so effective in removing odors is because it also kills bacteria and germs. This is key in eliminating odors in carpets caused by pets. By killing the bacteria, you are also preventing the growth of mold.

For Sale: 100% Razor's Edge Male for Sale - $500

Absolutely amazing deal! Zeek is a 5 year old 65lb blue brindle razor's edge. He has an amazing temperament and loves to play. He has never been bred. He is up to date on all of his shots, has a UKC performance pedigree, kennel, leash and collar also included. We hate to see him go however due to an upcoming relocation we will be unable to take him with us. Serious inquiries only. Please contact 616-821-9823.

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