Fayette County
Fayette County

Fayette County

In the heart of the Metro South region lies Fayette County, a vibrant community that offers a high quality of life for newcomers and residents alike. Fayette County's excellent school system, advanced health care services and multiple recreational facilities, combined with a wide array of housing options, make it a very appealing newcomer destination.

Fayette County is nearly 200 square miles in size. Created from land purchased from Creek Indians in 1821, the county was named for General Marquis de LaFayette, a Revolutionary War hero. The area was mainly rural and agricultural until the mid 1970s, when the metro Atlanta area began its phenomenal growth.

Fayette's geographic location has become very desirable. It is only 25 miles south of Atlanta, and just minutes from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world. This strategic location has attracted a number of large corporations, such as Panasonic and True Value International, to Fayette. This economic growth is fostered by a "pro-business" environment set forth by government officials.

The county is made up of four municipalities: Fayetteville, Peachtree City, Tyrone and Brooks. Each of Fayette's cities are unique. Fayetteville is the county seat, and is populated by approximately 8,000 residents. It is the home of Georgia's oldest courthouse, built in 1825. It sits in the middle of Town Square, in a historic district where a number of renovations are currently taking place. Also noteworthy is Glynn Street School, formerly known as Fayetteville Academy, where Gone With the Wind's fictitious heroine Scarlett O'Hara attended "finishing school."

Nearby Peachtree City is the county's largest city, with nearly 30,000 residents. What began as a planned housing development turned into a master-planned city back in 1959. The developer, Peachtree City Development Corporation, created a city that mingles residential and commercial properties among lakes, golf courses and greenery. The result is an upscale living environment that sports 60 miles of paved golf cart paths that travel through shopping centers, neighborhoods, schools and recreation facilities. Development, both residential and commercial, is still ongoing, with an expected peak population of 45,000.

Fayette's other two cities, Tyrone and Brooks, are much smaller in scale. Tyrone's mostly Irish residents are known best for their St. Patrick's Day celebration, which is quite festive. Brooks is home to just over 400 residents who value the privacy and small-town feel that city provides.

While it is true that Fayette County has a hometown feel, it is also got an edge in health care and education. A brand new health care facility, Fayette Community Hospital, opened in 1997. This 100-bed, private hospital offers a wide range of services, from a 24-hour emergency room to medical/surgical and critical care. Fayette County is also served by a number of regional hospitals, including Southern Regional Medical Center, Columbia Peachtree Regional Hospital, and South Fulton Medical Center.

The Fayette County School System is one of the most successful programs in the metro area, challenging students in every academic arena. The system boasts test scores that are 70 points over the state-wide average, with 94 percent of graduating seniors continuing their education on the collegiate level. The schools themselves often receive recognition - Flat Rock Elementary was named a National Blue Ribbon School in 1997.

In addition to these excellent services, Fayette County is also home to a wide range of recreational pursuits. Golf is the passion, with no less than six golf clubs available year-round. The state-of-the-art Peachtree City Tennis Center is a public facility complete with pro shop, locker rooms and 12 lighted courts. League play, private and group lessons, camps and even special programs for senior citizens and children are offered. And throughout the county you will find parks, athletic fields, playgrounds and pools. The county and the city recreation departments operate league sports for all ages as well.

But Fayette County's picture would not be complete without a look at the housing industry. There is a wide variety of homes available, from starter homes to executive manors. A typical starter home would range anywhere from $70,000 to $90,000 and include three bedrooms and two baths on a small lot of a quarter- or half-acre. New home subdivisions are quite popular in Fayette County, and usually are priced in the mid-$100,000s. Different styles are available, from traditional brick-front homes to European stucco homes. Three- and four-bedroom homes often include many extras - such as whirlpool tubs, skylights and crown moulding. Executive homes, usually priced from the low $200,000s, are even more elaborate, and are often located on large golf course sites. Fayette County also has its share of celebrities and professional athletes who construct custom-built estates in the rural areas of the county.

Fayette County is indeed home to many types of lifestyles. It's a place where young families make their homes, where education and health care are expertly provided, where recreation is taken seriously and where business is flourishing.

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