Bantam Biddy

If you live in Atlanta, then you have had your fair share of chicken. Fried, pulled, grilled or baked, there is no wrong way to enjoy this southern favorite. Well, maybe there is. There's (almost) a new chicken taking over the Atlanta area and life as we know it is about to change. Okay, so maybe it's not that dramatic, but it is going to change the way you look at, and eat, this poultry perfection. Bantam + Biddy is opening a new (unknown as of yet) location this fall and just as I thought others would share in my excitement, it turns out that not many people in my close circle have ever even eaten there! Gasp! Or, I guess, what the cluck!? Bantam + Biddy is not your typical, run-of-the-mill chicken restaurant.

Yes, there are many down here in the southern part of the country, so competition is fierce. The fact that this place stands out among the hundreds of other local Atlanta restaurants, shows just how fabulous this place really is. Proudly serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, you will have to go at least 3 times to make sure you have the full Bantam experience. Bantam + Biddy opened its original location in Ansley Mall, and then another one in Midtown. With a yet-to-be-announced third location opening this fall, this little chicken coop is slowly taking over the Atlanta restaurant market. Serving vegetarian, gluten free and everything else, you will find something delightful, regardless of your food preference.

They offer their own, home-made sauces to exaggerate the already bold flavors. Enjoy such sauces as beer mustard, spicy BBQ and even their signature spicy red pepper sauce. Catering is also available, so if you want to make a statement at your next event, turn to Bantam + Biddy for help. From traditional rotisserie chickens, to fried eggplant and pork schnitzel, it will make you wonder what came first: the chicken or Bantam + Biddy . For more information about the author, Denielle D'Ambrosio, please visit my Google+ profile page.