Best Cafe- Busy Bee Cafe

The best cafe in Atlanta is hands-down the Busy Bee Cafe. With such southern charm making its way into every ingredient, it is safe to say this might make it to the top of your Top 10 list. Voted Atlanta's Best Fried Chicken, and using only the freshest ingredients, Busy Bee Cafe has become a staple in the great city of Atlanta. So, where does Busy Bee come from and how do they make that delicious fried chicken? The secret is all in the history. Busy Bee 's history dates back to 1947 by a woman named Lucy Jackson, a self-taught cook who one day decided to own her own restaurant. The name Busy Bee derived from a trip to California where she saw a bee resting on a sign. For whatever reason, she decided then and there that would be her restaurant name. Her motivation behind her restaurant launch derives from an African missionary whom she had a brief, but important encounter. The missionary was too poor to eat and while at a restaurant trying to get some food, she was told, "Go down to Busy Bee, Momma Lucy will feed you!"

The missionary was so refreshed and enjoyed the meal so much that she was moved to encourage the aspiring entrepreneur that because of her kindness, her business would always be busy, and that it would always be blessed. Today, the business remains with Tracy's family. So, how about the menu? Let's just say you will need to wear comfortable clothes. Their favorites offer such classic meals as meatloaf, cubed steak, neck bones and chicken giblets. Their southern favorites are everything you would expect and then about 100% more. Obviously, their fried chicken is to die for, but you might want to take a walk on the wild side and try their ribs, chitlins or even ox tail (yes, ox tail.) All meals come with homemade cornbread and plenty of sides to choose from. Sandwiches, salads, desserts and kids items allow you to make more conscious decisions when dining, but did I mention they had ox tail? Go now and you will thank me later. For more information about the author, Denielle D'Ambrosio, please visit my Google+ profile page.