Best Pizza Restaurant Atlanta - Varasanos Pizzeria

"I've put a lot of time and thought into what makes a pizza memorable and I want everyone to experience world class pizza." Chef/Owner Jeff Varasano. It's easy to get lost in the sea of pizza places in any large city, but when you stand out amongst the many as the best pizza in Atlanta , that is no easy feat. If you have been one of the many lucky residents and/or visitors to Varasano's, then you know how unique this pizza really is. Varasano's Pizzeria uses only all natural ingredients and are one of the few pizzerias in the U.S. that make dough the old fashioned way: using only natural sourdough yeasts, fermented for several days. Because of this classic cooking method, and the use no dough conditioners, the pies are very thin and flash baked in just about three minutes. They are incredibly delicate and best enjoyed sparsely topped. Originally from New York, Jeff came to the Buckhead are back in 1998 and was more than disappointed in the pizza selection in the area.

The ten year journey to find the perfect pie ingredients included traveling to the world's best pizzerias, experimenting with countless varieties of flour, sourdough cultures, cheese, tomatoes and temperature control techniques, pushing household appliances beyond their limits, and visiting flour millers and oven manufacturers in the US and Europe. Fast-forward nearly 15-years later and there is now a waiting list just to come to one of his "tasting parties" held at his Buckhead home. You can find the Varasano's pizza recipe on their website, but I assure you that you must experience this in person to really appreciate the perfect pie. Best Pizza Restaurant - Varasano's Pizzeria 2171 Peachtree Rd. NE Atlanta, GA 30309 Hours: Mon - Thu 5:30PM-10PM, Fri 11:30AM - 11PM, Sat 10:30AM - 11PM, Sun 10:30AM - 10PM For more information about the author, Denielle D'Ambrosio, please visit my Google+ profile page.