Culinary TV Atlanta Eats Showcases Local Dining Scene

Often when you think of television programs filmed in the heart of Atlanta, the massive list of reality shows quickly come to mind. However, there are a lot of TV shows filmed in and about the city that have nothing to do with the drama-filled antics of reality TV casts. One such show, that showcases Atlanta's growing and impressive culinary list, is Atlanta Eats . This local program is all about the food in the city that you should know about and what makes it special.

If you don't know about this gem of local programming, everything you need to know is below! Atlanta Eats began its sophomore season last month, following up a stellar freshman run. After 26 weeks and more than 50 restaurants showcased in Season 1, Atlanta Eats has proven to be a much valued tool due to the well-seasoned impact the show is having on the restaurants it features. Hosted by personality Steak Shapiro, Season 2 of Atlanta Eats will continue highlighting restaurants in and out of the perimeter, everything from paper plates to white tablecloths.

The show's engaging format consistently gives viewers the chance to feast with their eyes first and its in-the-kitchen angle delivers the story behind the food. "Within 30 minutes of its first airing, we were scrambling to keep up with the insane tidal wave of customers flooding through the doors" said Mike LaSage of Season 1 featured restaurant Bone Lick BBQ. "Every single time our episode has aired, we've had a record-breaking sales day." Jordan Pearl of Moxie Burger, located in East Cobb, says the restaurant has experienced a 20% increase in sales since being featured through the lens of Atlanta Eats on Season 1. "The residual effect has brought us new faces weeks later exclaiming that they saw us on TV" she said.

"The reach of the program is outstanding and it attracts 'foodies' who will travel anywhere for a taste of something special." The same effect extends to fine dining establishments. "Several people in the restaurant were there just because they saw 4 th & Swift on Atlanta Eats ," said Jay Swift, Chef and Owner of 4 th & Swift. "It's had a definite measurable impact on sales." Atlanta Eats airs at 10:30am on Peachtree TV, and 12 noon on CBS. For show out-takes, blog posts, chefs' favorites, and offers from Atlanta Eats partners: the Georgia Lottery, Kia Motors, Van Gogh Vodka, Coca Cola, Smartwater, Toyota South, Hooters, Buckhead Life, and Michelin Tires. For more information about the author, Danielle Jennings, please visit my Google+ profile page.