Festival on Ponce April 14-15 2012

The Festival on Ponce is a local arts and crafts event held at the Olmsted Linear Park in Atlanta. The Olmsted Linear Park Alliance has a $10 million capital improvement plan to protect these historic parks. These beautiful parks have lovely trees and paths and great visibility from one of Atlanta's main traffic arteries between Atlanta and Decatur. This is a unique and wonderful opportunity for locals and visitors to appreciate the vision and legacy of one of America's most celebrated landscape architects, Fredrick Olmsted, Sr. Learn more about this location by visiting the The Olmsted Linear Park Alliance website.

Visitors will enjoy fine art and crafts, folk and "outsider" art, a children's area and local food and beverage. Attendance is FREE and visitors are encouraged to stroll the event to enjoy the art on display and the historic gardens. When April 14 - 15, 2012 Saturday: 10 am - 7 pm Sunday: 11 am - 6 pm Admission Free (bring a group and have a good time!) Alcohol Per City code ordinance, no alcohol may be brought into the Festival area. Beer and wine will be available for purchase at several locations throughout the Festival. Revenue from on-site beverage sales will be benefit the Georgia Foundation for Public Spaces scholarship program. As always alcoholic beverage purchased at the Festival must remain on-site.

The Atlanta Police Department and volunteers of the Festival will ask you to dispose of any alcoholic beverage before you exit or enter. Artists A maximum of 185 of the finest local, regional and national artists, with an emphasis on metro Atlanta and Georgian artists. All artist applicants will be selected by a jury of their peers based on the merit of their work as well as booth presentation. ATM Of course we'll have them! We want to make it as easy as possible. Beverages : Soft Drinks, lemonade, ice tea and water (all of your favorites) will be located throughout the event. Per City guidelines no alcohol or beer may be brought into the Festival area. No glass bottles may be brought into the area.

Revenue from beverage purchases will be donated to Big Trees Preserve to help with funding the park. Credit Cards/ Payment Terms Many of the Artists are equipped to accept credit cards payments, however keep in mind that some may or may not accept some types of cards. Many accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express, but many prefer cash. Each of the beverage stations and food concessions will only accept cash. The folks with the Big Trees Preserve will be accepting cash and credit cards for festival merchandise. As noted earlier, we will have an ATM/Cash machine on hand for your use. Entertainment The Festival will have live entertainment on-site. We are currently accepting applications for acoustic entertainment. For more information please email us at: info@affps.com First Aid Because safety is important to us, we will have qualified trained staff available on-site and the EMS services available from 911 if needed.

Food Our focus is going to be on Healthy lifestyle choices and we are currently reaching out to food vendors to help us reach this goal to bring you healthy refreshments. If you are interested, please email us at: info@affps.com Information We will have one information booth available. It will be located at the east side of the park at the main entrance of the Artist Market. This is the area closest to the children's playground. Lost and Found Lost and Found will be located at the main information booth. (See above). After the event please feel free to email us at info@affps.com or call the office at 404-845-0793. Lost Children Inquires During the event all of the staff and volunteers will have identifiable uniformed shirts on and many will have walkie talkies and cell phones.

Please check with one of the staff members. All staff will be directed to take lost children to the information booth. Merchandise We'll have a "swag bag" for artists, but no tee shirts, sorry!