Horizon Theatre Company Presents The Santaland Diaries

During the holiday season it's always good to catch up on some of your favorite holiday films that you watched and loved as a kid or those that have become recent entries to your holiday-viewing arsenal. What makes a good holiday tale depends solely on preference; some like a more wholesome tale, while others prefer biting comedy and physical hijinks. One such trend holiday movie trend in recent years is the "black Christmas comedy," basically meaning a Christmas film that is by no means appropriate for children.

Hopping on this trend and bringing it to Atlanta audiences, The Santaland Diaries is a funny and mature comedy that highlights the misadventures that seem to plague the holiday season. Brought to you by the Horizon Theatre Company, The Santaland Diaries is an outrageous holiday comedy, written by NPR comic David Sedaris (who also stars as Crumpet), it centers on a rebel without a Clause who recounts the true-life tale of an out-of-work writer's stint as a Macy's Department Store elf.

The description of this play instantly puts you in the mind of one of the holiday's most adult and most hilarious comedies, Bad Santa starring Billy Bob Thornton as an alcoholic thief moonlighting also as a department store Santa. While things in this production probably won't get as risque as that film, it is stressed that The Santaland Diaries is not intended for children. Make this a night of purely adult fun that you and your friends or significant other can enjoy.

The Santaland Diaries is currently playing now through December 30. Tickets start at $25 and showtimes are as follows: Tuesday-Friday 8 p.m., Saturday 8:30 p.m. and Sunday at 6 p.m. For more information visit http://www.horizontheatre.com/showsantaland.htm . For more information about the author, Danielle Jennings, please visit my Google+ profile page.