Juicy Jenny Community Juice Bar Superfood Emporium Opens This Fall

Being healthy is not only about working out, but also what you put into your body. With Atlanta rising in popularity to the "juicing" phenomenon, you knew it was only a matter of time before one of the city's most popular restaurateurs decided to present their take on how and what to juice. Opening this fall, Juicy Jenny is set to have all of Atlanta in great health! This fall, restaurateur Jenny Levison aka "Souper Jenny" is adding another facet to her expanding Buckhead empire: Juicy Jenny Community Juice Bar + Superfood Emporium.

Juicy Jenny will provide healthy and delicious juices, in addition to breakfast items, house made protein bars and other snacks, and a take-out area with healthy dips and treats to-go. "I envision Juicy Jenny having the comfortable, approachable feel of your favorite neighborhood coffee shop, complete with Wi-Fi access" said Levison. "We want the experience to be approachable, so that everyone from novice juicers to experts can feel free to ask questions and learn as much as they want about the benefits of incorporating juicing into your lifestyle." The line will include six cold-pressed juices and six smoothies and are all named with a heavy dose of Levison's trademark whimsy. A green vegetable juice spiked with adrenal support is appropriately called 'Do I Have Kale in My Teeth?'; 'Everything But the Vodka' is a tomato-based ode to the Bloody Mary. Recipes are concocted with nutrition in mind and a heavy emphasis on flavor.

Jenny's line of treats will include bars like the 'Ode to Gwyneth Paltrow' bar, 'Hippie Dip' and many more! Located in the same center and only 33 steps from her popular flagship restaurant, Souper Jenny, Juicy Jenny is a welcome addition to the Buckhead neighborhood, but it's not her only expansion this year - she's still scouting spots in the Decatur area to be a second Souper Jenny location very soon. In addition to Souper Jenny, popular for its soups, sandwiches and salads, Levison also operates Cafe Jonah & the Magical Attic. Named after her son and official juice-tester, the Cafe offers breakfast, lunch, and a popular weekend brunch, and the attic is home to psychic readings and spiritual healing, astrology consultations, and much more.

The official address for Juicy Jenny Community Juice Bar & Superfood Emporium is 56 East Andrews Drive, Atlanta, GA 30305. About Jenny Levison: Jenny Levison is the restaurateur behind Souper Jenny, Cafe Jonah, and her latest juice bar, Juicy Jenny, all located in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta. A popular cooking teacher, cookbook author, and frequent guest on the Today show, Levison brings her trademark warmth and refined comfort to everything she touches. For more information on Jenny and her endeavors, please visit www.followingjenny.com For more information about the author, Danielle Jennings, please visit my Google+ profile page.