New Restaurant Spotlight Redmanz Southern Family Restaurant

It goes without saying that when you live in the south, the overabundance of soul food is one of the things you can count on. Whether it's courtesy of a family member's home cooking or the soul food fixings on a restaurant menu in the city, one thing is for sure: when it's comes to traditional southern fare, few do it better than Georgia.

This is exactly why the opening of Redmanz Southern Family Restaurant in downtown Atlanta is a welcomed new resident. Situated in the prime section of downtown next to the Georgia Aquarium, Redmanz may be a new kid on the block as it relates to the Atlanta restaurant scene, but their menu proves that they definitely know their way around the kitchen. Occupying the space that formerly housed Dugan's, Redmanz owner Calvin Jackson stated his establishment "will offer American Southern cuisine with an urban, eclectic flair." The prices are reasonable (most meals run around $10), as Jackson pointed out that they aim to target families.

There are endless options and recipes when it comes to soul food, however, there are a few you should take note of before you head down to Redmanz, which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. A few highlights include: sweet potato tater tots, meatloaf sandwich, collard greens, shrimp n' grits, salmon cakes, smothered pork chops and fish n' grits. When you have the opportunity to sample food like this, seize the chance because this kind of soul food is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Redmanz Southern Family Restaurant is located at 320 Luckie St. Atlanta, GA 30313 (866) 437-1916 For more information about the author, Danielle Jennings, please visit my Google+ profile page.