New Unveiling at W Atlanta - Downtown PIXEL

The W Atlanta - Downtown is one of the city's most elegant hotels, but it is also one of the most innovative, as evidenced by the groundbreaking film project PIXEL . PIXEL is a film project displayed on one of Atlanta's most visible billboards. After their well-received film project earlier this year, the W Atlanta - Downtown has something new, guaranteed to be more fascinating than the last. W Atlanta - Downtown's film project, PIXEL , stands out on Atlanta's most-viewed billboard adjacent to the property. PIXEL breaks through the white noise and brings a new sense of cinema and art to Downtown Atlanta commuters. PIXEL is an inspiring story of passion and love that transcends time.

The film tells the story of a dedicated father who helped to prepare his daughter for adulthood after he passed away when she was three months old. His daughter discovers 10-second videos from her father, which mark the start of an emotional journey to unveil the true meaning of life. The main characters journey can have different meaning for each commuter who passes by, so the story line is genuine for any audience. There were two main challenges to meet the regulations set by the Department of Transportation when launching PIXEL on a digital billboard. The film had to be released with no sound and limited motion. Because of these challenges, the film relies on the strength of each episode's visuals to create unique messages interpreting different life meanings.

"This billboard reaches up to 250,000 impressions on one of the most traveled highways Downtown, the I-75 & I-85 connector," said Tim Dahlen, General Manager at W Atlanta - Downtown. "We have used PIXEL to reach that audience with an extension of our brand's passion point for film. PIXEL introduces a new innovation to the art of film while bringing a unique message to the downtown community and others who pass by." At the film's half-way point, W Atlanta - Downtown challenges those who have seen the film in passing or saw an episode on social media to share what the film means using the hashtag #WPIXEL. Join the conversations and welcome your networks to a new revolutionary way of telling stories in unexpected places and the exploration of a new digital medium.

For more information and behind the scenes footage visit: . The film is being re-released in 13 10-second videos. Each episode runs for two weeks and will then be displayed as a complete series online. Each of the episodes that have already run are available at For more information about the author, Danielle Jennings, please visit my Google+ profile page.