Restaurant Profile Better Half

Supper club PushStart Kitchen is finally debuting their "for-real" restaurant via Kickstarter Better Half , this fall. The Home Park based restaurant, serving a small, rotating menu based on what's in season and the "chef's whimsy," is not going to be your mama's kitchen. From what we can tell (which isn't much) this place is going to have a lot of culinary masterpieces. This place is so new, so fresh, there isn't even much social media out there yet. The Chef's are keeping this place under tight wraps until opening day, and we are all watering at mouth with anticipation. I can tell you that Better Half's sister restaurant, PushStart, is AaSouthern speakeasy feeding the planet 16 at a time... based in Atlanta and inspired by Costa Rica + Southern cuisine. Meaning, the menu is pre-fixe and you and your 15 closest friends can dine celebrity style in a close, closed quarters, "underground" type of atmosphere. The menu changes weekly, runs roughly $60 per person and patrons can expect some of the most exquisite dishes they have ever tasted. If Better Half is anything like this, we can expect this neighborhood joint to make history.

About the Chef For as long as he could remember, Zach had always catalogued his memories around food. From vacations to days at summer camp, he'd always take note of what he'd eaten. During college, his work with award-winning chef Frank Stitt at Bottega sparked an interest in becoming a professional cook. So, after graduating from university with degrees in ceramics and Spanish, he shifted his sights toward food. read more... Location: 14th and State streets, Atlanta Team: PushStart Kitchen's Cristina and Zack Meloy Projected Opening: October 2013 For more information about the author, Denielle D'Ambrosio, please visit my Google+ profile page.