Restaurant Profile Lunacy Black Market Restaurant

Best Tapas in Atlanta - Lunacy Black Market Restaurant "Part neighborhood living room, part wine house, part restaurant." That is what Lunacy Black Market is all about: fresh ingredients, fancy wine and a fantastic atmosphere. The famed Chef Paul Luna draws inspiration from his gypsy lifestyle and travels all over this great world. From the selection of wine to the cut of the meat, everything has a purpose and a place. Paul Luna has dedicated his menu to being the freshest of the fresh. There will never be any sort of flavor additives to his ingredients (butter, meat stocks, bouillon, etc.) and you will always have the best of the best serve to you. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free fanatics can find many dishes to satisfy their selective taste buds, while anyone else just looking for amazing flavor will not be disappointed.

The food has been described as "Mediterranean Southern" where flavors from France, Italy, Spain and Asia are all present. Lunacy Black Market knows how to do it and they do it right. "Our food is what it is: 'uninspired cuisine' prepared with a love for our little place in Downtown Atlanta and the guests understand and appreciate what we do." Available for small, intimate settings or large parties, this may just be Atlanta's best kept secret. 231 Mitchell St SW Atlanta, GA 30303 404-688-0806 For more information about the author, Denielle D'Ambrosio, please visit my Google+ profile page.