Restaurant Spotlight Buttermilk Kitchen

There are many beloved things to be found in the rich and cherished Chastain Park neighborhood, and one recent resident comes bearing delicious goods. New Atlanta restaurants are about as frequent an unexpected weather change here in the city, but one type of cuisine that is always welcomed is that of the down home variety. This is why Atlanta's latest eatery is not only in some pretty good company, but also set to tempt wagging tongues and palates all throughout the city. So dig in and take a look at the home-cooking of Buttermilk Kitchen. Before you even set foot inside of Buttermilk Kitchen you may be a little overwhelmed by the star power of its owner Chef Suzanne Vizethann.

A 2011 winner on the Food Network's competition series Chopped , Vizethann has also made prior contributions to Atlanta cuisine, including The Hungry Peach and BYOBakeshop. All of these accolades and experience are put to great use in her newest venture Buttermilk Kitchen, which is a hearty combination of decadent Southern cooking elevated with an expert chef's touch. The calming colors of ocean blue and white are apparent when you first arrive outside the restaurant, as the building is painted blue and trimmed in white. Once you're inside the color palette remains the same, courtesy of white tables and chairs and ocean blue/white walls.

There is also somewhat of a rustic, shabby chic element to the decor as well, which only adds to the welcoming atmosphere. While there is a lunch menu that's definitely worth checking out, the breakfast offerings are the star of the show. There are so many standouts to choose from that you might find yourself in the delicious dilemma of wanting to order one of everything. Some of the highlights include: Sourdough Waffles, Blueberry Cobbler Pancakes, Sea Salt Potatoes, Shrimp and Grits, Steak and Eggs and the specialty, Dad's Waffle, featuring a sourdough waffle topped with a medium-rare hamburger, maple syrup and butter.

On the lunch side of things, there's the Southern Chicken Philly, Shrimp Roll, Brunswick Stew, Cobb Salad and the Kale Caesar Salad. Since every meal needs a hint of something sweet, you have a nice choice of desserts like: Carrot Cake, Buttermilk Pie and a something called John & Yoko Cake, which are chocolate cake, pistachio crunch, chocolate fudge and buttermilk-buttercream frosting combined to make an unforgettable treat. Buttermilk Kitchen is located at 4225 Roswell Road NE, Atlanta, 678-732-3274. Operating hours are: Breakfast and lunch, 7 a.m. - 4 p.m. Mondays-Fridays; 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. For more information visit www. . For more information about the author, Danielle Jennings, please visit my Google+ profile page.