Restaurant Spotlight Fuji Hana Thai Peppers

Sometimes you just can't decide what you want to eat. It may come down to two different dishes, or in this case different countries. In the event that you find yourself craving both Japanese and Thai cuisine, newly opened Fuji Hana & Thai Peppers aims to cure your culinary dilemma. This is an achievable feat because this restaurant offers mouthwatering and creative dishes from both countries. Located in Kennesaw, Fuji Hana & Thai Peppers is a welcomed addition for foodies, but also those that often find themselves on the indecisive end of dining out.

Nick Chompoonich, serving as Executive Chef and owner, has crafted quite an expansive and equally impressive menu, along with an upscale atmosphere that has the flair appreciated on the Atlanta culinary scene. Amongst the hibachi tables, cocktails bars, private dining rooms and roomy tables and booths, the atmosphere here is like a "Welcome" sign all lit up begging you to venture in further to see what other surprises lie in store.

There are also beautiful hand-laid chocolate tile that lines the walls, offering a polished look to an already stylish restaurant. There are four separate menus at Fuji Hana & Thai Peppers, which means that not even a fraction of all of the dishes they have to offer will be listed here. Nonetheless, there are a few standouts from each menu that represent both the Japanese and Thai offerings that are definitely worth noting. From the lunch menu, notables include: Thai Stir-Fry (featuring chicken, beef, pork or tofu with steamed rice), Shrimp Tempura, Massaman Curry, Pad Thai and Bangkok Fried Rice.

Dinner offerings feature: Thai-Style Panang Curry, Salmon Teriyaki and Hibachi-Style Fried Rice. For the sushi lovers, there is an expansive menu that is sure to include several favorites or new options that catch your eye. Some standouts include: Sashimi Mori (12-piece assortment with steamed rice, miso soup and side salad), Kennesaw Sample Boat (sample size California, tuna, J.B. and volcano rolls with nigiri, sashimi, miso soup and side salad), Tomato Bomb Roll (creamy tuna mix with sun-dried tomatoes, dried cranberries, masago and tempura flakes, topped with tuna & avocado), B-52 Roll (tuna, salmon, yellowtail, cream cheese, asparagus and scallions, battered and flash-fried) and finally the Langosta Roll, which is hibachi lobster tail with cucumber and scallions topped with mango, avocado and tobiko.

Just the items listed here could be a full-service menu for another restaurant, but at Fuji Hana & Thai Peppers it's merely scratching the surface. Fuji Hana & Thai Peppers is located at 2606 George Busbee Parkway, Kennesaw, 770-419-9500. Operating hours are: Lunch: 11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Mondays-Sundays; Dinner: 5 p.m. - 10 p.m. Mondays-Sundays. For more information visit . For more information about the author, Danielle Jennings, please visit my Google+ profile page.