Roots Juices Opens at Shops Around Lenox

Healthy eating appears to be the lifestyle change that is on everyone's lips and with good reason, when you feel better, you not only look better, but your attitude becomes more positive as well. At least that's what a new Atlanta juice bar is hoping, as they attempt to attract customers who want to get healthy with their innovative juice concoctions. Take a look inside and find out about Roots Juices as it opens at Buckhead's Shops Around Lenox plaza. Roots Juices Atlanta's newest juice bar opened its doors and began free delivery of its 100 percent natural, cold-pressed fruit and vegetable based juices on July 10 th . More than 17 different juices, infused waters or "H2O's," kits and cleanses can be purchased at the store or ordered online at . Georgia and Alabama residents can enjoy free shipping with a minimum order of $30 and all Buckhead residents can enjoy same-day, free delivery right to their doorstep.

Roots Juices is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest nutritional value. Each 16-ounce juice is made up of an estimated two to three pounds of locally grown fruits and vegetables. By pushing their produce through a hydraulic cold pressed juicer, Roots Juices is able to yield an exceptional product packed with vitamins, minerals and live enzymes, not to mention a shelf- life of up to five days. Roots Juices owner Brent Rodgers focuses on creating delicious combinations that offer lower sugar levels and higher nutrients designed to detox the body, increase energy, strengthen bones, clear skin and lower the risk for disease. As the first store-front for the brand, the Roots Juices team encourages patrons to visit the bar to "try before you buy" and learn about the many health benefits of juicing from the in-store dietician. "I discovered juicing while in Peru, but it was on the Syria-Israel border when I had a light-bulb moment. There was this long line which I thought was to get across the border but it was actually for fresh celery and carrot juice. I realized then, that this was a way of life for many people and not just a trend," said Rodgers.

Below are a list of juices and waters specially offered at Roots Juices: Juices Liver Cleanse - beets, carrots, apple, aloe and ginger Hydrate - cucumber, lime, mint, apple and ginger Wake Up - carrot, apple, ginger and watermelon Go Green - celery, kale, spinach, romaine, cucumber and lemon Lean and Fit - grapefruit and mint Watermelon Cooler - watermelon and fennel Cardio Blast - cocoa, carrot Fat Fighter - grapefruit, orange, ginger and cayenne Skin Glow - apple, spinach, celery and lemon Green Goddess - kale, apple, spinach, romaine, celery and cucumber Greenology - kale, oarsley, lemon, cucumber, pear Health Nut - filtered water, almonds, dates, vanilla bean and sea salt Heart Health - carrot, cucumber, celery, tomato, apple and cilantro Cold Kicker - orange, green apple, kale and lime Immune Booster - grapefruit, orange, red apple, jalapeno and kale Pear Pleasure - pears and pineapple Melon Mania - cantaloupe, honeydew and mint Specialty Waters Aloe Vera H20 - filtered water and aloe vera Detox H20 - filtered water, lemon juice and cayenne pepper Chlorophyll H20 - filtered water and chlorophyll Kits & Cleanses Detox and Cleanse Kit - 3 and 5 day options, 1 kit each day includes Wake Up, Refresh, Lean and Fit, Go Green, Restore, Health Nut, Aloe Vera H20 and Chlorophyll H20 REHAB Hangover Recovery Kit - Detox Water, Wake Up, Aloe Vera H20, Liver Cleanse, Chlorophyll H20, Skin Glow Cocktail Party Mixer Kit - 2 Lean and Fit, 2 Watermelon Cooler, 2 Pear Pleasure and 2 Melon Mania Booster Shots Lemongrass - unique to Roots Juices Ginger Lemon Pineapple Roots Juices is located at 3400 Shops Around Lenox, Suite 202-A, Atlanta, Ga., 30326, and can be reached at 888.666.0290 . The store is open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information or to order online, please visit