The Cockentrice Set to Open at Krog Street Market

It is truly exciting to see just how much effort is going into the upcoming Krog Street Market. With new additions announced at a rapid pace and tenants that are sure to bring a welcomed element to the city, Krog Street Market is promised to give Atlanta another reason to celebrate. This time, the new addition happens to be a restaurant that will make the city's culinary residents collectively drool over their offerings. Read more to find out all the details! Chef Kevin Ouzts is ready to expand his Krog Street Market footprint and has chosen the new market as the official home of The Cockentrice - an homage to what Ouzts calls "New American Charcuterie." The small, full service restaurant - think of it as a 'Charcuterie Saloon' he says - will seat between 50 and 60 people and will focus, not surprisingly, on just about everything you can do with a piece of meat.

"We love what is happening here at Krog Street Market especially with Kevin and Megan Ouzts," said Paces Properties Merritt Lancaster. "They announced their Spotted Trotter expansion, featuring a larger cheese and butcher shop, with us back in July. With the recent excitement and buzz about the market, they have returned to take their business to the next level with the opening of their first full restaurant." Chef Ouzts is no stranger to the Atlanta restaurant scene. In 2009 when Ouzts left Restaurant Eugene to flex his culinary muscle in Napa, California, he hoped it would only be a matter of time before he could return to Atlanta and open a restaurant to call his own. Upon his return in 2010, Ouzts launched The Spotted Trotter, a USDA-certified, critically acclaimed, boutique charcuterie, producing everything from beef jerky and delicious salamis to rabbit liver pate and crepinettes.

Now, with the success of The Spotted Trotter seemingly cemented by the opening of a second, larger location and accompanying cheese shop at Krog Street Market, it looks like the time for the restaurant has finally arrived. "I couldn't think of a better venue than Krog Street Market to open up our first restaurant. The atmosphere of the entire complex is the celebration of local, and that's been front and center for us all along. I cannot wait to officially get back in the kitchen and highlight the South's bounty of amazing ingredients and meats. Charcuterie is an art form dating back more than 2500 years, and the South is just starting to dip its toe in the water. With the combination of The Spotted Trotter and The Cockentrice, I hope to cement the region's name in a genre where it has been historically underrepresented," said Ouzts. The Cockentrice will also feature a diverse, house-cocktail list, refreshing beers and ales, and a properly picked wine list. The restaurant is slated to open Spring 2014 in a 2,752 square foot space with a patio facing Krog Street and will be connected to The Spotted Trotter's new, 800 square foot butcher and cheese shop market stalls.

About Krog Street Market: Krog Street Market is a destination for Atlanta's intown culture - those who are always searching for unique, specialty creations. KSM was designed to be as authentic as the 1920's warehouse it's built into. As such, KSM's patrons are presented with an unparalleled destination for an expansive selection of produce, goods and prepared foods, all under one roof. Featuring a handful of locally-grown restaurants complementing 20-24 Market Stalls, KSM gives merchants & vendors that truly unique selling venue in the heart of Inman Park. Krog Street Market is set to open in 2014. For more information about the author, Danielle Jennings, please visit my Google+ profile page.