The New American Shakespeare Tavern

Hauntingly good performances or just plain haunted? You be the judge. Typically, when a place is haunted, or assumed-to-be-haunted, age of the building or property usually play a huge factor. That is not the case with The New American Shakespeare Tavern . Just under a quarter-of-a-century old, this playhouse and English pub is already home to many different ghostly activity. Since many of Shakespeare's plays tended to end tragically, maybe they are the reason something conjured up on the property. The New American Shakespeare Tavern is home to The Atlanta Shakespeare Company and to a pair of phantoms which haunt the upper and lower decks of this theater. The upper deck gives off a cold, heavy feeling and is often left unattended during programs. Attendees have claimed to see them simultaneously, while others claim to see one at a time.

Little is known about these two ghouls, but time of day or size of crowd doesn't seem to hinder their appearances. Reports have been made from staff that the phantoms have appeared in broad daylight as shadowy figures while presenting themselves more clearly during the later hours. Things seem to move on their own or even vanish completely. Muffled voices have been heard when the venue is completely empty and strange light figures seem to appear out of thin air. The employees of the venue are donned in Shakespearean-era attire, so that could also be the cause of the many ghosts claims. One is of a little boy, dressed in similar clothing from the 1800's, while a woman spirit presence has made the theater her home. She has even been rumored to clear the audience after yelling, "FIRE!" from behind the curtain. Regardless of the cause of the ghosts, there is no doubt something strange is happening. Aside from the ghosts, the Tavern is actually a really cool place to grab dinner and drinks, while enjoying a play.

Whether you are a Shakespeare fan or not, the setting itself is inviting enough to lure you in. In place of stuffy, old theater chairs with little leg room sits a tavern-like atmosphere, right down to the heavy barstools and tables. Staff dress as if they just stepped out of The Capulet Mansion and it just adds to the ambiance and enhances the experience. A full menu is also available and is served up until thirty-minutes to the start of the show. Whether you go to the theater to see the ghosts or just to see the famous ghost of Macbeth, The New American Shakespeare Tavern is sure to deliver one hell of a performance. For upcoming shows, please check out their show schedule . For more information about the author, Denielle D'Ambrosio, please visit my Google+ profile page.