Top 5 Best Restaurant Openings in 2014

Another year has almost come and gone and it was quite a year in Atlanta. It saddens me to say goodbye to 2014, with the great weather, concerts and festivals that graced us this past year. But, I can only imagine that if 2014 was that sensational, 2015 is going to be bringing an even bigger bang. With so many things to choose from to highlight, I think the food stands out among them all. Yes, I know food might be the last thing you want to think about with Christmas still in the rear view mirror, but it's nearly impossible to discredit such a triumph in our little city of Atlanta. I am sure this list could go on and on, but for the sake of time and space, I have narrowed it down to my five favorite. Here are the Top 5 Best Restaurant Openings of 2014 Parish "UNIQUE PEOPLE, DELICIOUS FOOD AND GOOD-FOR-THE-EARTH GOODS ALL COME TOGETHER AT THE BRASSERIE AND NEIGHBORHOOD CAFE AT PARISH."

Under new leadership from Zeb Stevenson in the kitchen and Arianne Fielder behind the bar, Inman Park's Parish relaunched as a more community-driven restaurant, fitting with its location right off the BeltLine. Brasserie meets neighborhood cafe, there is literally something for everyone. The Luminary Former Top Chef contestant Eli Kirshtein opened Krog Street Market brasserie this past spring and The Luminary is just one of the marvels located inside. The menu boasts bistro fare inspired by Paris, Montreal, and New Orleans, a large raw bar, and a beer-focused beverage program. Where do we sign up? Lusca The best thing about Lusca? The menu. I know that may sound obvious, but hear me out. The menu is superb because it changes daily. Only the freshest ingredients- from seafood to vegetables to dairy- will make the cut of the daily menu. How's that for fresh? Southbound I can't decide if the wood grilled Scottish salmon or the ricotta Agnolotti is my favorite dish, so I recommend you try both. Honestly, regardless of what you decide to eat, you will not be disappointed. Located in Chamblee, GA, it is worth the quick trip through traffic to give it a try.

Ration and Dram Their motto is "Fun.Local.Honest" which can be a pretty peculiar way to describe a restaurant. Honestly, it sounds more like a political campaign than a restaurant tagline, but for Ration and Dram, it actually works. They pride themselves on eating things only in-seaon and close to home (local). They explain that there is no white glove service, so be yourself (fun) and whether your a vegetarian or avid meat eater, there will be something on the menu for you (honest). For more information on Atlanta's restaurant scene, please click here . For more information about the author, Denielle D'Ambrosio, please visit my Google+ profile page.