Vinings Atlanta, Georgia

The answer to the dreaded, “Should I live in the city or suburbs,” question is Vinings! This neighborhood is city-like but still suburban. It is truly the best of both worlds! Vinings has recently transformed into a fairly affluent area with the new homes and apartments built over the past few years but still values the village feel that the community has. Vinings attracts many for the shopping, but keeps them coming back for the dining and environment.


Much like the shopping here, Vinings' restaurants offer a wide variety. From local to international, the hardest part of dining in Vinings is going to be choosing where to go.


Vinings is known for its shopping, from boutiques to upscale stores and everything in between. Vinings has earned it's name as one of the best places to shop in the Southeast United States. The southern charm of Vinings will shine through in each store.

Things To Do

Arts, parks and historical centers, Vinings is full of attractions and things to do to keep you on your toes. Vinings is located near the river, making it a great place to spend some time outdoors.